A Sign of Good Things to Come...

When people ask me my favorite season, I have always been quick to respond that I am particularly fond of the fall.  The colors have come to represent our busiest season, as people from many different cultures look to Garden Patch Farms as their hot spot for apple, pear, and pumpkin picking.

With snow still on the ground and another snowstorm due to hit us at midnight, I can't help but focus my thoughts on the sunny days of spring as we are preparing in the greenhouse.  When the sun is shining, on the inside, you wouldn't even know that the temperature outside is almost 50 degrees less.

Heating soil to kill off weed seeds.

As the season grows near, we've been hard at work preparing soil in our soil heater.  Once the soil heats for nearly 3 hours, we'll combine it with a growing medium and compost from last year's crops to ensure that we have healthy soil to grow those beautiful flowers for which we've become so popular.  Once we mix it, the soil is ready to be put in pots and baskets.  If we're lucky, we don't have to wait too long for some of our flowers to arrive.  

Waiting for flowers...

Although we grow many of flowers from seed, there are many benefits to buying plugs from a reputable grower.  Having plugs delivered allows us to make space for the baskets, patio boxes, and pots in which the plugs will be planted.