When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization
— Daniel Webster

Farmer Earl on ABC's 190 North

How We Came to Be...

     In 1938, Henry Hiller bought his Homer Glen farm at an auction and began what became the livelihood of the Hiller family.  Growing up on the farm with two brothers, Earl stopped attending his one-room schoolhouse in the sixth grade in order to help out on the farm.  It wasn't until the passing of Earl's father in 1983 that he took over operations of the farm to continue making a living.  In 1997, Earl and Merna took a trip to Michigan where Earl bought 1,000 apple trees to plant on his farm in Homer Glen.  The planting of those trees along with the demand from Earl and Merna's customers to pick fresh produce, carved the way for what is now called "Pick at Garden Patch Farms."  In 2013, Earl and Merna's grandchildren, Anthony Ndoca and Alexandra Miller, bought the farm to conserve the legacy of their grandparents and continue the farm's operations as Chicago's most diverse and fresh U-Pick farm.